We’re so excited you’ve joined Uplevel Cafe!

In a few minutes you will receive an email explaining how you can hit the ground running. Once you receive that email, you will be able to take these next 3 steps…

Hit the ground running.

Join the Uplevel Café Private Facebook Community. Once you get approved by our admin, introduce yourself to the tribe using the hashtag #imnewhere

Register for your next Clarity Power Hour.

Every week, you get access to Uplevel’s Lead Coach during the Clarity Power Hour. (NOTE: you have to be registered for each call in order to get access!) You’ll also be able to send your question in advance. For your best results, please get clear before you write it out and send it in.

Get a Soul Shot.

Soul Shots are the perfect place to start when you’re new to Uplevel Cafe. Once you’re in the vault, your first assignment is to watch the Soul Shot titled, “How to Create Strong Habits.”  More Soul Shots (and Jumpstarts) will be posted soon!

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