Emma C.

When I joined Vision Board Pro I was already running regular Vision Board workshops but wanted to make sure my workshops were as good as they could be using Christine’s guidance.

The main takeaway for me was that my systems were not as good as they could be – or not even there at all!  Vision Board Pro really helped me with the nuts and bolts of marketing and running my workshops. I also realised that my pricing structure was all wrong.

So, I followed Christine’s advice to the letter in Vision Board Pro. And I was able to put my systems in place and raise my prices, whilst continuing to fill workshops.

In fact, my last three Vision Board workshops have sold out!

I highly recommend Vision Board Pro for those who are getting started with running vision board workshops and for those who would like to make sure that the workshops they provide are as good as they can be. Additionally, I’ve connected with Vision Board facilitators all across the globe and this has been incredibly powerful for my work.

adminEmma C.