Attn: Entrepreneurs and business owners who occasionally wonder if you’re too creative, too chaotic, too disorganized, too ADHD or just too “special” to be successful…

Finally! You can stop winging it, half-assing it, and trying to figure your business out all on your own…

Uplevel Café is a super-cool community of Soul-Sourced™ business owners, creatives, entrepreneurs, leaders and world-changers committed to each other’s expansion and success. It’s a place to bust out of the normal (yes, normal!) patterns of confusion – and get encouragement, strategy, training, daily support, mindset help and access to coaching…

How it works:

When you join Uplevel Cafe, you get INSTANT ACCESS to:

The exclusive Uplevel Café Jumpstarts

Jumpstarts are unique mini-trainings and strategy immersions you get to do at your own pace.  Focusing on one topic or tactic, each Jumpstart delivers context, action steps, tools and case studies that will skyrocket your results, your systems, your thinking, your marketing, and your income.  We’ll be adding more and more of these as Uplevel Café continues to grow and expand.

Soul Shots

Mini-Mindset and Energy Trainings

At Uplevel, we teach that a business owner navigates TWO tracks.

The first is the STRATEGY track – which is all about your marketing, systems, team-building, and sales.  (That’s what the Uplevel Café Jumpstarts are for!)

The second is the SOUL track – which is all about your ability to succeed, your mindset, your very soul.

That’s where Soul Shots come in!  These are quick business mindset trainings – we call them Espresso Shots for the Soul.  Quick “get-able” usable trainings that dive to the heart of the matter in rapid-fire ways to anchor and re-anchor you to the mindsets and energies you most need for your daily momentum and success.  

The Clarity Power Hour™

Weekly Group Q&A Call

As one of our elite charter-members of Uplevel Café, the answers to your burning questions are always just around the corner. One time every single week, you get to hop on the phone with your peers and our top-tier Uplevel Strategy Coach and get resolutions to your biggest questions.

And the best news is that even if you can’t make the call, we’ve got you covered…we made it easy-peasy to write in your question days in advance.  And yes, the calls are recorded so you can listen while you’re making dinner, running errands, or working out. In other words, you can Uplevel your Success on your own time!

The Uplevel Café Private Members-Only Facebook Group

Here’s where the rubber meets the road, and your feelings of isolation and secret confusion vanish forever.

With the Uplevel Café Facebook Group at your fingertips, you’re never far away from your tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners (as well as the entire Team Uplevel) who want to help you Uplevel Your Business and Success in a big way!  Our members-only Facebook group is alive and kicking daily with questions, high-fives, resources and resets to help you build the momentum and resilience required of today’s Soul-Sourced™ entrepreneur.

Get Instant Access to Uplevel Café!

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level by enrolling in Uplevel Café, simply choose your payment option below and click the button to join us…



Recurring payment – cancel anytime in just 2 clicks




Recurring payment – cancel anytime in just 2 clicks

Includes the free bonus training: Income Builder On-Ramp


Recurring payment – cancel anytime in just 2 clicks


For questions, email my team at

A Note from Christine:

Hey Friend,

See if any of these sound like you:

  • You’ve got a hundred great ideas on any given day and no clue where to start or which one of them is any good.
  • You get clients here and there, but you have no idea how to make it consistent or predictable.
  • You’re kinda the “black sheep.” Everyone in your life comes to you for perspective and support, but you often feel isolated. Like, “Who supports me??”
  • You get a great new insight or idea, and someone shoots it down, and you end up so deflated you never get started.
  • You are ready to own it. You’re ready to succeed. You’re ready to make a lot more money, have a lot more clarity, get a lot more support, and you know it’s time.

If any of these feel true, then welcome to the world of being an entrepreneur.  You’re an uncommon, creative, idea-driven, success-focused breed – and you need an uncommon, creative, idea-driven, and success-focused community.

That’s because having a business is not for toe-dippers and tire-kickers.  It’s a full-contact sport, and asks you to be a top-performer every single day. (Not just when you feel like it.)

And if you’ve paid any attention to me over the years, you already know that my clients invest tens of thousands of dollars to work with me and my coaching team year after year. Many of these people work with me for 3, 4, 5 and up to 8 years – and they turn ideas into empires, small hobbies into six figure businesses (and even seven-figure businesses) – while mastering their mindsets, marketing, systems and team.

But what if you’re not ready to make such a big commitment?  What if you want the community, the support, the trainings and the encouragement – but you aren’t financially ready for a mastermind?

Well, that’s why I’m inviting you this one-time-only to be among our first charter-members of Uplevel Café.

Uplevel Café is a super-cool community of Soul-Sourced™ creatives, entrepreneurs, leaders and world-changers committed to each other’s expansion and success.  It’s a place to bust out of the normal (yes, normal!) patterns of confusion – and get encouragement, strategy, training, daily support, mindset help and access to coaching.

And if you join now, you’ll be one of the exclusive core group. As such, I’m giving you the chance to jump in for more than half off what the monthly investment will be very soon.  (And you’ll lock in this rate for as long as you’re a member.)

So, join me. Test it out for a month, or two, or three. I know you’ll love our Uplevel tribe, and you’ll get the kind of results you’ve been reading about and dreaming about. Finally!

Welcome home, pal.  Let’s do this. Click below to take the first giant (and super easy) step to your dream business!



p.s. I started out as a starving artist –  and turned my creativity into a successful mini-empire. Then I reinvented myself and built a second business from scratch. That business rapidly turned into a multi-seven-figure company.  How did I create all of this? By investing in myself, in my own learning, support, expansion, coaching, mentors – and masterminds. Now it’s your turn to get this level of help.

p.p.s. You’re not weird, un-solvable or “special.”  You just need some strategy, soul and encouragement and coaching. Everyone needs this.



Is Uplevel Café right for me if I’m just starting my business?

Yes indeed.

Team Uplevel and I designed Uplevel Café to support entrepreneurs at any level of business.  In particular, those in start up are super-lucky to access this content, as it will shave years from your learning curve.

(And it will prevent you from having to go through the all-too-painful process of “unlearning” all the shitty advice you were given by people who don’t know what they’re talking about – and who are barely scraping by in business!)

The thing about getting support – whether it’s coaching or training – is that you want to make sure that your mentor has lived what they teach, that they’ve created a super-successful business and have walked the road you’re walking.  Only that person can really understand the unique challenges to the entrepreneur, the creative, the business owner.

Are the trainings in Uplevel Café available immediately? Or are they dripped out?

Jumpstarts and Soul Shots are available for your immediate gratification and content binges!  AND…we will continue to launch new content every single month.

There is no curriculum, so you can treat this kind of like “Netflix for business owners.”  Pick what you want when you want it and go for it.

(Just make sure you apply the work! We give you top-notch tools and downloads with each Jumpstart!)

What’s a “charter” member?

Because Uplevel Café is brand new and in its “pilot” stage, Team Uplevel is opening the doors right now to a select group of members.  These will be our very first peeps…our charter members.

And we’ll be super focused on their feedback and needs as we get this monthly membership rolling.

So that’s why we’re offering this bonus pricing – and why our charter members will get that pricing as long as they stay members…no matter what everyone else is paying!

What happens if I want to cancel my membership?

Well, first, Christine herself will show up at your front door, grab your ankles and beg you to stay.

Just kidding.

If you want to cancel, we’ll be bummed out of course.  But you’ll be able to cancel with just 2 clicks of a mouse, and you will not be billed the next month.  No questions asked. (And no ankle grabbing.)

What’s a Soul Shot…and what does SOUL have to do with business?

A Soul Shot is a mini-training expressly designed for the mindset of the leader, the creative, the entrepreneur. We call these trainings “Espresso shots for the soul” because they address the “soft” side of business ownership…your awareness, your mindset, your consciousness.

At Uplevel, we teach that every business owner must walk TWO tracks of business:

The Strategy Track and The Soul Track.

Even though everyone likes to think that business success or failure is found in the strategy, the truth is that the Soul Track is where people truly create their success or failure.  It’s about how you manage your energy, your spirit, your power and your mind. And it has everything to do with business.

This is why the Soul-Sourced™ entrepreneur is the new driver of success in business.

Do I get private coaching as part of Uplevel Café?

Private coaching is an exclusive part of our high level year-long masterminds in Uplevel Academy.  It is not included in Uplevel Café at this time.

However, you do get weekly access to Uplevel’s lead coach weekly on the Clarity Power Hour group Q&A call.  You get to write in your specific question and get direct answers and solutions to your challenges every single week.

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